kiko+ designer デザイナー

Kaz Shiomi

Born Dec. 1977. Representative of Kukkia co.,ltd.. After I came back to Japan, I work at a wooden toy company and found that this was what I wanted to do as my own business after some years. In 2007, I start gg* brand with my partner, Nobuko Shigeoka. We launch gg* at the Nuremberg Toy Fair which is well-known biggest toy fair in the world held in Germany. We have a good start since them. In 2008, I start Kukkia as a company. We mainly did our original brand, gg* and also OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) for other big companies, such as MUJI. In 2010, We launch a new brand, kiko+ at 'maison & objet' in Paris.

Toshitsugu Fujiwara

Born in Japan, 1972. Representative of famo DESIGN STUDIO. “Something a child can enjoy is something an adult can appreciate.” This is the concept of my design work. he plans design for mainly wood based products and toys with publishing, space and web designing. In 2009, he approve concept of Kaz Shiomi, and works as executive designer of Kukkia led by her, too.

Mika Konaka

Born in July, 1989 Kukkia assistant designer.
I studied product design at university of art and design. After graduating the university, I started to work at Kukkia. It's my second year at Kukkia.


collaboration designer デザイナー

Hiroshi Yamagiwa

Magnet was founded in 2005 as a design (and project) team by members of different occupations, such as an architect, a zoo keeper and a button shop owner. Our design team picks up 'happiness' you may miss everyday. Sugi Collection 2005 Special award 5th Regeneration Idea Competition Fine piece Design Week in Sendai 2006 Design Competition Special award